Week one

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I launched the Kickstarter campaign on Monday. We’re almost at $2,000. That’s only $43,000 to go!

I’ve been working really hard to get as much word out as I can to social media and newspapers. I’ve never felt so engaged with a project..

I set out to inspire other women, but find that daily, I’m the one being inspired! By the generous support, by family, kind words and even total strangers that are putting out good vibes!! It is starting to breathe on its own.. I don’t know what my reaction will be when it starts running.. I’m already filled with joy that I have so many beautiful friends that are becoming a part of this amazing story.


Kari has been shopping bikes, she hasn’t gotten the clothing exactly right yet!! Not sure what’s going on here, she only has a budget of $1,500?? (Perhaps she’s going to trade that Piaggio up?) ūüėģ

I think we have to work on the “bike” appropriate clothing too. Hmmm.

We’re both getting really excited and already the butterflies are starting, we’ve got our first girl lined up, for interview. We can’t wait to tell you about her. She is our future.. ¬†When we hear about the new generation (Millennials) being such a mess, we are not putting young women like Brianna in the conversation. ¬†She’s a powerhouse of positive energy, creative thinking and personal drive.


Help us get the word out! Please talk about us and Share our story!!

Here’s the link.¬†¬†http://kck.st/1eD8KFZ

Kickstart us!!


I am ridiculousty proud to announce that we have launched the Kickstarter campaign!

We’ve got TWO backers already (in addition to the people that have privately given their support) I’m hoping you will share with your friends and riding/flying buddies about this Campaign!

heres the link to make a contribution or SHARE!!!


Here’s the text and photos for a quick, no-click read…


A story of extraordinary female adventure spirit as we fly and ride our way from from New Mexico to Santiago, Chile.

I’m Wendy. I’ve had a few lives. First as an artist in Denver, then as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and now, as a writer and filmmaker.¬†I want to show you what extreme adventure travel looks like from a womens perspective.. but not just mine. In this film, we will capture our real life moments of a two-woman journey from Gallup, New Mexico to Santiago, Chile as we fly our paragliders and ride motorcycle through each country, finding other female adventurers along the way.

I’ve been riding motorcycle for ten years and have more than 100,000 miles on and off the road. Kari will be learning enroute. She rides a Piaggio now… so, she’s not a total newb!¬†Kari will be helping me film and open doors with her paragliding community contacts.

Kari Castle: From Bishop, CA, Age 50,  3 time Hang Gliding World Champion, multiple National Paragliding Champion, Red Bull X-Alps Veteran, free flight Instructor and Guide. Ambassador to our beautiful sport, she is unwaveringly good natured with a ready smile and large laugh every time you meet her.

Check out Kari at Karicastle.com

The women I am interested including in the film are ones we meet on the road, quietly exploring the world. I have met them before and find their stories to be often more extroadinary than well established women who are sponsored and have public profiles that limit candid conversation. I have a goal of featuring five amazing gals in the film. (Besides us) I am hoping for many more than that.

Where are they? Noone knows unless you do… this. We speak their language, and love their ginormous souls. We are living it and tracking them down for you.

We will document a cutaway view of the trip, showing you step by step preparations, training, our stops and the incredible women we meet when we get there! We will interview other women by calculated chance as we¬†Fly and Ride¬†South through the Americas. We hope to find women by meeting them at the flying sites, hostels, campsites, interviewing the local pilots, and researching rider resources like Women on Wheels, Womens Coalition of Motorcyclists, Horizons Unlimited and ADVrider. Also, through Kari’s network.

Currently I know of only one woman that I specifically want to meet with. Camila Antonorsi in Colombia. She is one of the very few women doing paragliding tours. She’s also a skydiver and a dentist.

You will see footage from (among other places) Valle De Bravo, Mexico РLake Aitlan, Guatemala РLake Ilopango, El Salvador РCaballito, Costa Rica Р Roldanillo, Colombia РLima, Peru РCanoa, Ecuador and The Atacama Desert in Chile.  We will be blogging our movement daily (if internet access is available) and give you a front seat to this 10,000 mile search as we travel South at livetoflytoride.com

We are not including specific times and dates for personal safety reasons.

Why do you have to be so extreme?

Well, we love it. For a raft of reasons. But first, I think that this kind of adventure is not really so extreme after all. We as a culture are buried in misconceptions and misguided judgement of what this kind of travel is really about. Those of us that gather information from television and radio programming which are driven by ratings are not getting an honest firsthand perspective. What you get is shock, hilarity and horror. Perhaps there will be all three in this documentary, but we are shooting for an honest and candid view of our own and other womens experience.

In preparing for this project, I’ve been given a lot of alarmist advice.. including instructions to watch “Taken” 1 and 2. and even had a coworker threatening to make a “football pool” of what country I would be raped/killed/kidnapped in first.

If anything, it has hardened my resolve in creating an honest perspective of what a motorbiking/flying South American adventure is really like. For a woman.

Here is the short story of what flying and riding means to me.

After a return from Iraq, I felt disconnected and anxious. I needed to find¬†something¬†to shake off the gloom that had settled on my heart. I found that¬†something¬†flying. It created a Zen-like focus that allowed me to leave that weight on the ground.¬†The community, the focus and the wild freedom of flying through the air is unmatched by anything… except perhaps by a twist of the throttle, accelerating into the canvas of a brilliant new landscape. I can’t imagine¬†not¬†riding.

In spirit, we have a third woman with us. We lost her earlier this year in Golden, Colorado at Lookout Mountain. She would have loved this Adventure as much as we do. Pilot, world traveler and moto rider,¬†Meg VanSciver’s¬†name will be on my bike as a reminder of her wit, bravery and beauty.

How did you get this idea?

When I was in Colombia a couple years ago, I was healing from a broken rib and badly sprained ankle at a little Irish bar that had some cheap rooms above it. While I was having a beer at a table outside, a tall blonde woman rolled up on her motorcycle. My eyes almost popped out! Who was this? I had seen many other male riders, but their presence wasn’t remarkable to me. I hadn’t seen any¬†women. I immediately introduced myself and wanted to know every bit of her story… so she told me.

My mind wandered and I thought.. well why can’t I do this with a paraglider? Also, I wondered.. where are all the women? Here’s Sherri, having an amazing time. Here¬†Iam, recovering from an amazing time, (broke my rib in a paragliding accident) where are the rest of us?

Fast forward almost a year to October when I met Kari Castle at her¬†all womens Paragliding clinic in the Owens Valley. There they were! Almost two dozen remarkable women with huge spirits and beautiful paraglider wings to match. Since then, I’ve been reading about and searching for other women who love the freedom of motor and flying sport. I am a current member of Women on Wheels, the Womens Coalition of Motorcyclists, and the United States Hanggliding and Paragliding Association.

The Documentary idea was born from a friend doing her own documentary about lady paraglider pilots! I loved her film and wished for more, but there aren’t any.

Please join us and be a part of our story. Pledge what you can and if you can’t, then come and visit, ride or fly with us. Remember, it’s all or nothing at Kickstarter, so even if you can only afford $5, it still counts!

Wendy’s first book, “Paragliding Confessions of a Lady Bomb Tech” is being published this year in time for Christmas.

Kari is sponsored by: Oakley, Flytec, Ozone, OR, and Pocket Fuel. She is regularly featured in HangGliding and Paragliding Magazines and online articles. She has a clientele that numbers in the hundreds and a fan base in the thousands as well as being an icon in the sports of Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Kite Surfing.

Sunday/ Monday Kickstarter release!!

Getting that sucker together has been one of the hardest things I may have ever done! WOW.

It feels like the time when I decided to tear out my garden room and make it a bathroom.

No, I’d never done it before. I’d never actually done anything like that before, and it was my first home.¬†I did what I set out to, but what a learning experience! I feel like I am doing it again.. this time with words and images…. with one key difference.

The more I work on it, the more I talk about it, the more I am energized by it. I love this project like a child. I love the idea, the struggle, the care it needs.

This mail was the highlight of my week.. I’ve had to make several revisions until..

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 1.39.46 PM

I’m still tinkering with last minute things and working out little piddly details, but this feels like success.

First step! Check.

See you Monday ūüôā


Who is getting ready to fly and ride?

IMG_1438 Wendy

IMG_5043  and Kari Castle..

The purpose of this is ¬†about empowering women. I’ve spent a great deal of time as the only woman on many motorcycle rides and mountaintops, I honestly think it’s because women don’t see women in these roles. We belong here! It’s not physically demanding, it does take detailed focus and is a great lot of fun! I want to put female adventurers on the screen.. not made up beauty queens or “reality” TV.. Real women, real honest and on our own. We want to share with you tales from the road, the sky and our heart.

The two of us will be riding motorcycles and Flying our paragliders through every country we ride through. Kari doesn’t even ride a motorcycle yet! She’ll have 10,000 miles to learn. Helping with film, making paragliding connections and her huge soul are what make her perfect. That and she will say “Yes!” to any adventure! HAH!

We are going to tell you about our own experience, other amazing women adventurers, flying sites, good (and bad) routes, and be taking lots of video as we scoot through the Americas. If we don’t meet funding goals, I will be going alone. I’ll still be blogging and writing a book, (eventually) but the Documentary won’t be a reality.

These first two posts will be deleted upon reaching goal, and we’ll dive right into the story after, ¬†BUT right now, this campaign will¬†define¬†the story! It’s¬†really an exciting time for us, because it will give us a “players list”

Please be a part of making the magic happen and visit our page. I will post a link here as soon as it goes “Live” on September 15th.

This is the second to last (maybe last edition of our video for the campaign)

995935_4438596022104_1890989106_n (1)

As Kari would say,

Love, Light and Lift.

P.S. I just realized you don’t know a thing about me… I brought you to the party a little early, but Monday, we’re bringing the entree! If you’ve already checked the “About” Link, hang on till Monday.. The Campaign has all the deets. I’ll post (almost) everything right here and hope you’ll ¬†be with us for the whole journey!


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