Who is getting ready to fly and ride?

IMG_1438 Wendy

IMG_5043  and Kari Castle..

The purpose of this is  about empowering women. I’ve spent a great deal of time as the only woman on many motorcycle rides and mountaintops, I honestly think it’s because women don’t see women in these roles. We belong here! It’s not physically demanding, it does take detailed focus and is a great lot of fun! I want to put female adventurers on the screen.. not made up beauty queens or “reality” TV.. Real women, real honest and on our own. We want to share with you tales from the road, the sky and our heart.

The two of us will be riding motorcycles and Flying our paragliders through every country we ride through. Kari doesn’t even ride a motorcycle yet! She’ll have 10,000 miles to learn. Helping with film, making paragliding connections and her huge soul are what make her perfect. That and she will say “Yes!” to any adventure! HAH!

We are going to tell you about our own experience, other amazing women adventurers, flying sites, good (and bad) routes, and be taking lots of video as we scoot through the Americas. If we don’t meet funding goals, I will be going alone. I’ll still be blogging and writing a book, (eventually) but the Documentary won’t be a reality.

These first two posts will be deleted upon reaching goal, and we’ll dive right into the story after,  BUT right now, this campaign will define the story! It’s really an exciting time for us, because it will give us a “players list”

Please be a part of making the magic happen and visit our page. I will post a link here as soon as it goes “Live” on September 15th.

This is the second to last (maybe last edition of our video for the campaign)

995935_4438596022104_1890989106_n (1)

As Kari would say,

Love, Light and Lift.

P.S. I just realized you don’t know a thing about me… I brought you to the party a little early, but Monday, we’re bringing the entree! If you’ve already checked the “About” Link, hang on till Monday.. The Campaign has all the deets. I’ll post (almost) everything right here and hope you’ll  be with us for the whole journey!


IMG_2361 2

6 thoughts on “Who is getting ready to fly and ride?”

  1. My name is Steve Larson. I know Kari from hang gliding. This is a great adventure you are setting out on. I am a hang gliding pilot and I am currently learning Paragliding. I have built a trailer to tow behind my Kawasaki KLR 650 for carrying my para equipment. I am living in Guatemala on my sail boat. You two have a place to stay and some one to show you around Guatemala when you come through.

    1. Steve, I’m likely delivering a sailboat to Rio Dulce DEP Mile 0 in about 2 weeks. Be great to hook up with you and the crew go to Valle…
      Would like some tips and local knowledge so give me a ping. Thanks
      Best Air everyone!

  2. Steve Larson again. I have just done two solo flights on the Paraglider in Panajachel. I am officially flying and riding. If it works out time wise I could meet up with you in Valle De Bravo for the ride and fly to Guatemala. Unless of course guys are out of the equation. Best wishes!

  3. Nice trip so far Wendy. I have another KLR for parts if you need anything let me know. I am in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Be sure to stop by. I have 6 hrs on the Paraglider now.

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