Great Question!!

  • I am posting a question and response to something that has come up a couple times in private conversation. We have a week left to get ourselves in the game, 

    If you just jumped in to the conversation, please throw whatever you can at the project, $5 or $10 builds up reallly quickly when we’ve got a bunch of people rooting for us!!

  • Please check out the site here


  • Hi Wendy and Kari, this is an an inspirational story, I wish you look on your journey. Im still confused even though Ive read back over it. My question is what happens with the $45k is this a couple of chicks looking for an expenses paid adventure, admirable as the task sounds, Or is there a greater cause involved. looking forward to being enlightened. 

  • Wendy Schuss and Kari Castle

    Wendy Schuss and Kari Castle
    Oct 8, 2013


    That is a fantastic question that I am surprised hadn’t come sooner!!

    The purpose of gathering this kind of money is to produce and promote the documentary I’ve briefly outlined.

    I have thus far saved 18k of my own money to make this real. 
    This includes bills to be covered while I’m gone and the cost of a motorcycle to take with me. 
    I think this is enough money to do the trip myself.

    Kickstarter funded or not, I will still go and you can follow me!! I will provide a full accounting of the financial details.. stops, borders, lodging, fuel, repairs, bribes, transportation and any other costs directly associated with the travel.

    Kari is an expense. She doesn’t ride a motorcycle yet and is an integral part of the story. This would NOT be her first choice of vacation adventure!! Haha!! 
    She likes spas, soft beds and froofie cocktails BUT she is excited to embark on this adventure and invigorated about making the film.

    I need her to help me capture flying and riding footage and interview video as well as providing a counter-perspective to my gung-ho madness. She is perhaps the best choice as a flying partner on this trip because of her vast experience, world-wide connections and sound judgement. 
    I will have to purchase her motorcycle, and fund her portion of the trip. That, I estimate safely to cost between 10-15k. 
    She is covering her own personal bills and any tours or added extras she will need to make herself more comfortable.

    The 45k will be reduced by 10% For credit card and kick starter fees. 
    Another 5-7k (approximate) will be allocated for the gift rewards. (Shipping, tours and swag). I have already spent $1100 for coins and stickers alone. Marketing for this campaign has cost me just over $250. 
    I think I have perhaps not spent enough on that aspect, but am dedicating 30+ hours a week to the effort. 
    The remaining +\- 20k will be spent on production, (data storage and management/software/equipment repair-replace) 
    post production (editing, sound) and promotion/marketing costs. This is I believe, is a low estimate for which I will do whatever it takes to bring the project to completion. I have two retirements I am prepared to drain and a truck I can sell.

    This project is my heart and if I cannot get it funded this year, I will produce a pilot and get it funded next. 
    I am creating the kickstarter drive so I will have complete control of the project, I do not want to give that up. This vision is mine, I don’t want to see it changed.

    Thank you again for your excellent question, I hope you will support our story!