Phoenix Rising

imageI’ve written convulsively since my return. Sometimes… and only when the inside of my head feels like it leaned on fiberglass insulation. I’ve been quietly planning my next trip… this next bit I wrote months ago. I’ve been waiting for just the right minute to post. I won’t leave you alone for so long again. I promise.

When I got back from my last trip, a lot of people asked me a question..  “Was it fun?”

The tears I talked around for weeks on my return threatened every time I opened my mouth… it was loss. It felt like a death.

It’s like St Peter greeting you and asking, “Did you have fun?”

You might want to give him side eye; a better question might be, “What did you learn?” Which is a very long conversation indeed.
Another, “Would you do it again?” or, “What would you have done differently?”
Probably dozens of different questions because, while I did have some fun along the way, I can only describe the trip as “a life experience”.  It was a continuous, daily cycle of varying challenge and reward… which is fertilizer for the garden of your soul.

There were times I wanted to quit, there was exhaustion, joy, humility, struggle, terror, elation, pain, frustration and at times, even helpless anger.

It felt like a life inside my life…. and now, almost two years later, I miss it. Every day. I work in one of the most scenic and peaceful places a person could hope to be. A little brook runs past the worksite, Sitka Spruce shade a carpet of needles surrounded by lush evergreen hills…. and still, I’ll lean on my shovel and sigh… my throat tight and my chest burning with desire to be free again.

So, at this very moment, I am preparing for the next trip and building a plan to bring you with me everywhere! I’ll be writing, filming and welcoming you every step of the way… I want you to know everything.
This is a big part of the joy for me… sharing this wealth of Spirit and Adventure.

Keep an eye out for my next post!
I’m putting together a spectacular weekend dinner, presentation and fun ride sometime in Spring, so when we have dates and routes hammered out, you’ll be the first to know!

¡Hasta Pronto!
(See you soon!)

P.S. If by some horrible misfortune you’ve missed out on my project, keep reading! It’s a fun ride!